Spirit Week 2016

We wrapped up the year enjoying Spirit Week! Check out our pictures showcasing
Pajama Day
Character Day
Crazy Hair Day
Sports Day
The Flaming Fish have a lot of spirit. They have been a great group to work with this year!

Publishing Party #6

Well done, Flaming Fish, on your last publishing party! This was our 6th one of the year. You have written so much this year and have a lot be proud of! Thank you for sharing your writing with your classmates and teacher all year. A special thank you and great job on this last round of sharing, as you shared with Ms. D's class as well. Great job, Fish!

Exciting Experiment Expo

We had a great time in the ES Science Lab conducting a variety of student led experiments. Well done young scientists. Here are some of the highlights from the last 4 days!

Day 1 - May 17
Avery with Fizzy Lemonade
Vishnu and Sami with Lava in a Cup
Stella with the Liquid Monster
Milla with Invisible Ink

Day 2 - May 18
Carrilyn & Avery with Jello
Joeke & Danielle with Oobleck
Tyler & Alex with Lava Lamps
Yuxuan with Magic Goo

Day 3 - May 19
Carrilyn with Flubber Soap
Zehra & Xuan with Fantastic Foamy Fountain
Kayodee with Static Electricity
Alonso with How Things Fall
Camden with Eggs in Plain and Salt Water

Day 4 - May 20
Andre & Ibrahim with Water Colors
Haman with the Exploding Lunch Bag
Matthew with Paper Airplanes
Junno with Mentos and Cola
Maja with Elephant Toothpaster

slideshow coming soon!

May 6 Update from the Flaming Fish!

We have been trying out different experiments in class to test our scientific thinking skills. All of our experiments have involved something edible or drinkable - not that we are eating or drink our experiments!  Students will be conducting an experiment in class between May 17-20. Details and timeline dates have been emailed to parents as well presented to students in class.
Timeline and Deadlines
May 10 - choose experiment
May 13 - Write up experiment using outline provided or similar
May 16 - choose date to present experiment and finalize materials prep
May 17-20 - Experiment Expo

Book talks in partnerships have just finished. For the final task to show comprehension of reading, students are making a Kahoot quiz about their book for their book partner. The students have been working on these since Tuesday and they are due May 10. The quizzes will be shared with their partners then.

We have been studying line plots to understand what they are, how to construct them, and how to use data presented on them.

May 9:  No School
June 7: Grade 4 Wet-Fun Day
June 9:  Grade 4 Moving On Ceremony 8am in the FAT

Fun in Science

Our inquiry focus for this quarter is on systems for problem-solving and predicting. Our big goal is to understand how thinking scientifically can help us investigate, understand, and explain the way our world works. That means a lot of science! We spent this week finding out about some of the tools scientists use and tried them out in our classroom as we are preparing to start some experiments! Here we are in action!

Student Led Conferences - Success For All!

Student led conferences give a glimpse at what students have been doing for the year. There was a lot of hard work put into preparing these. Seeing the great connections between students and their families is priceless!